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  1. Collaborate with local health care workers and community leaders.

  2. Adopt underserved HIV patients, offer free quality care, and document problems.

  3. Present preliminary findings at International Conferences and publish in peer-review journals.

  4. Implement and expand identified model of personalized rural care.

  5. Build a Biomedical Research Facility in the heart of Africa (Cameroon).

  6. Conduct clinical research studies among the poorest and sickest.

  7. Reduce mortality due to HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria among the poorest and sickest.

Christian Research Hospital

P.O. Box 1711

Searcy, AR, USA

Facebook: Christian Research Hospital

Our mission is to work with local communities to cure physical and spiritual ailments among the poorest and sickest of the world through education, care, and research.

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