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Donate an item

Adopt an HIV Patient

  1. Donate $10 for one HIV viral load test for a patient

  2. Donate $25 for one Tuberculosis screening test for a patient

  3. Donate $300 for tuitions toward the education of one HIV orphan per year (detailed profile report available upon request)

  4. Donate any amount for a special request

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Donate your time

  1. Become a volunteer

  2. Organize a fundraiser 

  3. Invite friends and family members to donate

  4. Join our next mission trip

Become a Missionary

Organize an HIV Fundraising Event

Our mission is to work with local communities to cure physical and spiritual ailments among the poorest and sickest of the world through education, care, and research.

Christian Research Hospital

P.O. Box 1711

Searcy, AR, USA

Facebook: Christian Research Hospital




501(c)3 Letter

Form990, 2016 Filing

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