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VISION: Help the Poorest and Sickest Have Better Lives

Christian Research Hospital is a cross cultural nonprofit organization, whose current primary goal is to eradicate HIV/AIDs among the sickest and poorest.

More than 34,000 Cameroonians die every year from HIV/AIDS. Despite a significant increase in funds (Public: 3.33 Billions CFA; Households and private sector: 2.32 Billions CFA; and International partners: 15.65 Billions CFA) allocated to the fight against this catastrophic illness, our preliminary findings suggest that more than 95% of patients living in rural areas cannot afford treatment monitoring tests (e.g. HIV viral load tests). In addition, our recent mission trip to Cameroon also discovered that more than 10% of the rural population receiving antiretroviral drugs have opportunistic diseases such as CMV, Kaposi Sarcoma, and cryptococcal meningitis.

We work with local rural communities (Mokolo District Hospital, Djottin Health Center, Nkar Health Center, St. Elizabeth Catholic Hospital, and Banso Baptist Hospital) of the Northern and North-Western regions of Cameroon (Central Africa) to reduce mortality and improve the quality of lives of the poorest and sickest. By supporting our partnership based on faith, mutuality, and transparency, YOU can break the cycle of HIV among the sickest and poorest by providing access to quality care.

In 2013, the United Nations's programme on HIV/AIDS introduced the 90-90-90 goal. By 2020, 90% of HIV+ people will be diagnosed; 90% of HIV+ people will be on antiretroviral; and those who receive antiretroviral will be virally suppressed (i.e. viral suppression is when the amount of virus in an HIV+ person's blood is reduced to an undetectable level).

PROJECT: Bringing Personalized HIV Care to Rural Areas

If we truly want to eradicate HIV/AIDS, the poorest and sickest MUST have access to free treatment monitoring tests. Henceforth, between June 2017 and June 2018, CRH committed to adopt at least 201 HIV patients living in the rural areas of Mokolo (Extreme North Region) and Kumbo (North-West Region) in Cameroon.

The sickest of these regions will have access to the following services:

  1. Free HIV Viral Load Tests

  2. Free CD4 Tests

  3. Free Medication Adherence Counseling, and

  4. Free Treatment against Opportunistic Infections such as cryptococcal meningitis (only for the poorest).


In the near future, these services will also be provided:

  1. Free job training 

  2. Free education (only for HIV orphans)

Christian Research Hospital

P.O. Box 1711

Searcy, AR, USA

Facebook: Christian Research Hospital

Our mission is to work with local communities to cure physical and spiritual ailments among the poorest and sickest of the world through education, care, and research.

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