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Our Hero: Usheni Tata

CRH Mission: June 12- July 12, 2017 (Report)

This mission trip was spiritual, medical, scientific, educational, and administrative.

The main objectives of the mission were to: 1) Initiate the implementation of a CRH association in Cameroon; 2) Collaborate with HIV Treatment Centers in the North-West and Extreme-North regions of the country; 3) help the poorest and sickest by providing free CD4 and Viral Load Tests; and 4) serve God through rigorous spiritual, apostolic, vocational, and prayer life.


At the end of the trip, CRH was able to: 1) Identify key partners and initiate the implementation of two CRH associations; 2) Collaborate with five HIV Treatment Centers; 3) Adopt and provide free CD4 and Viral Load tests to 201 underserved and rural HIV patients; and 4) got closer to God through fasting, almsgiving, daily prayers, reflections, meditations, and examination of conscience.

CRH Mission: June 12-July 12, 2017 (Documentary)

CRH Mission: June 12-July12, 2017 (Slideshow)

Christian Research Hospital

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Our mission is to work with local communities to cure physical and spiritual ailments among the poorest and sickest of the world through education, care, and research.

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