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Our Hero: Christopher Ngwa

CRH Mission: June 12-23, 2016 (Report)

This mission trip was spiritual, humanitarian, medical, scientific, educational, and administrative.

The main objectives of the mission were to: 1) find ways to incorporate a branch of CRH in Cameroon;

2) initiate collaboration with Cameroonian communities and authorities; and 3) serve God by providing help to the poorest and sickest. At the end of the trip, CRH was able to: 1) gather information regarding the incorporation of a CRH branch in Cameroon; 2) pinpoint a suitable construction site in the rural areas of Cameroon; 3) begin partnerships with Bishop George of the Diocese of Kumbo, Archbishop Antoine Ntalou of the Archdiocese of Garoua, Dr. Wandji Rene, Director of the Integrated Care Center of Catholic General Hospital in Kumbo, Dr. Kamga Barthelemy, lecturer, chemist, and pharmacognosist at the University of Bamenda, Dr. Bissemou Mboyong Jean-Jacques, Director of Mokolo District Hospital; and 4) helped other communities and missionaries build schools and medically serve the population of Nkar village.

CRH Mission: June 12-23, 2016 (Documentary)

CRH Mission: June 12-23, 2016 (Slideshow)

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Our mission is to work with local communities to cure physical and spiritual ailments among the poorest and sickest of the world through education, care, and research.

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